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We would like to invite you on an exciting and one of the most popular tours in Vienna through the Wachau valley, where apple and apricot plantations as well as picturesque vineyards interlace with flamboyant villages, medieval churches and monasteries and the mirror-like surface of the blue Danube.

The history of the Wachau valley is inseparably associated with Napoleon, the Nibelungs and Richard the Lionheart, who was held in captivity in the ancient fortress in a small town of Dürnstein.

Dürnstein is an old town, as if descended from a Christmas greeting card, with the population of 900 people, a chocolate factory, an almost fairy town hall and several wine rooms. Here you can taste the bouquet of exquisite wines and schnapps and enjoy the flavor of apricot jam, which is so popular with all the Austrians.

Next on the list is visiting the famous Melk monastery, built in Baroque style in the 11th century. Here the artwork of famous architects like Antonio Beduzzi, Paul Troger, Michael Rottmayr will make your heart miss a beat. The uniqueness of this complex is emphasized by the fact it is included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. Having visited Melk, you will be more familiar with the glorious Austrian history.

A journey through the Wachau valley is a wonderful tour from Vienna, which will fill the day with new impressions, joy and will be long remembered.

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