Vienna by night

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“Vienna at night” is the tour, which will allow you to see the true beauty of a city at night – to feast your eyes upon the palatial buildings of the Austrian capital, highlighted by neon lamps. You will be able to experience the unique magic of Vienna from the famous Ferris wheel, built in the 19th century. This is a unique attraction – one of three remaining in the whole world.

The “Vienna at night” journey also includes going up the Kahlenberg Mountain, where tourists can get a truly breathtaking view on the night city, illuminated by myriads of lights.

Moreover, in the course of the “Vienna at night” tour a professional Russian-speaking guide will show you the biggest municipal building in the world, which is 1100 meters long, as well as the city hall and one of the most fashionable Vienna districts, located in the vicinity of Vienna woods. Here the luxurious villas of the Austrian politicians are situated.

After the exciting tour around Vienna you will surely want to dine and taste some exquisite new wines. One of the taverns in Grinzing, the city famous for its wine, is at your service. Here along with live music you can get plenty of wonderful drinks and scrumptious dishes, and also learn the tavern’s history through the photos of famous politicians and celebrities, who have visited this place.

“Vienna by night” is a tour to be long remembered!

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