Schönbrunn Palace

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Welcome to the Austrian Versailles – Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna, where you can feel the spirit of history and see the true splendor of the Habsburgs summer residence. You will behold the luxurious chambers with the original showpieces. Inside the palace you will have a chance to learn how the days of the imperial family passed, where they lived, slept, held celebrations and balls.

Schönbrunn Palace is a brilliant example of Baroque architecture, authentic beautification of which includes the Gloriette pavilion, the Old Palm House, the “Bergl rooms”, Franz Joseph’s audience hall and the romantic boudoir of his beloved Sisi. By all means, this is far from a comprehensive list of the rarities inside the complex. Many tourists admire the Schönbrunn’s maze and gorgeous zoological gardens. There are a total of 1441 rooms in the palace with over 40 of them open for tourists.

In the course of the Schönbrunn Palace tour the connoisseurs of history will be able to learn why Napoleon’s son died, how the Emperor Franz Joseph I spent his last days and how the glorious history of reign of the famous dynasty of Habsburgs, which lasted for more than 600 years and influenced the general course of European history, came to an end.

The tour includes an optional visit to the Carriage museum and attending the apple strudel show – one of the national Austrian dish. The services of a Russian-speaking guide are included in the price. Transportation and entrance tickets must be purchased separately.

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